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Today it’s the turn of...

May 04, 2021

Today it’s the turn of Dincwear so if you are a senior dance student or a gym goer or just want something comfy to wear, then check it out!   

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Why should I wear Demi Pointe Shoes?

May 03, 2021

So, you are getting ready for Pointe work! It's such an exciting time for any young dancer to have their teacher talk to them about how they are going to prepare for Pointe shoes but has your teacher ever mentioned Demi-Pointe shoes? Do you even know what Demi-Pointe shoes are? Do you know why they are used? Well, I hope to help you understand why I think, from my experience and qualifications, Demi-Pointe shoes are invaluable. The first thing to consider before any decision is made regarding wearing Demi-Pointe shoes is if the student is prepared for the commitment and responsibility of being a Pointe Student, After that we have to ask if the student knows how to stretch their...

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