Kilkenny Academy of Dance

Uniform List as provided by Kilkenny Academy of Dance

Tots-Grade 2 Ballet

Girls: Plum ISTD Leotard and Skirt

(No Skirt for Grade 2)

Boys; White Leotard, Navy Ballet Shorts, Black/White Shoes (White Shoes For Exam)

Grade 3 and Above

Girls: Burgundy Strappy Leotard( Capezio CC123)

Boys: White Leotard, Black Leggings,Black/White Shoes (White Required for Exams)

Junior Girls:

Ballet Tights and Full Sole Leather Ballet Shoes (To Match Skin Tone) White Crossover, Hair in a Ballet Bun

Senior Girls:

Canvas Split Sole Ballet Shoes and Ballet Tights

Ballet Shoes are Essential for Ballet From the First Day for Safety Reasons


Modern Dance Uniform

Juniors: Long Sleeved Royal Blue Leotard and White Lycra Leggings

Seniors: Burgundy Strappy Leotard and Black Leggings

Boys Junior and Senior: White Leotard and Black Cotton Jazz Pants

Hair Neatly Tied Back at all Times

Shoes: Soft Jazz Shoes or Bare feet