November 02, 2018

I Did a Radio Interview!

So, I stepped out of my comfort zone completely this morning and I did a radio interview! Never ever imagined that I would have a story to tell, much less one that anyone would be interested in listening to but once I started...well, I could be still going if I hadn’t been told we were out of time! 

It was on Dublin FM with Danielle Serpico who has a show every Friday morning at 11am and concentrates on people who have come through adversity and how they have gotten to where they are today. 

I told my story, from starting dance class at 2.5 yrs to starting Studio Dancewear 4 years ago, with an insight into my teaching career and going to college. 

If you are interested please click HERE and NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!


September 05, 2016

New Office Space!!!

Well to say today was eventful is just a bit of an understatement!!! Today was the start of a new chapter in the Studio Dancewear story because today I moved into my new office space!!! Now to some that may not be that much of a big deal but yesterday was also  Studio Dancewear's 2nd birthday and I literally started with nothing, not a pair of shoes, absolutely nothing and today I have started to move some of my stock into an office where I can meet people and do fittings and have all of my stock on show. To say I'm proud doesn't really come close to how I felt when I started to bring my stock in and set it up. My plan is to be there as much as I can, I won't have any set times so please keep an eye on Facebook, text/phone/message me and I can guarantee that I will do everything I can to meet you at a time that suits everyone. It is also a space where I intend on being open for a day (Saturday), every 4-6 weeks so people can call in at their leisure. I suppose I should tell you all where I am!!! I am in The Fine Framers Building in the Wexford Road Business Park, Wexford Road, Carlow. So there you go, a new and very exciting chapter, keep an eye open for more chapters to come :-)
October 13, 2015

Studio Dancewear Presents "DanceSport DanceWear"!

I'm absolutely delighted to be announcing a huge upcoming event in Studio Dancewear. On Saturday 7th November, I will be proudly presenting DanceSport Dancewear in The Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Carlow, starting at 10am sharp. This event has been slowly coming together behind the scenes. Over the last 12 months I have been looking around at what's available in Ireland in relation to the dance world in general and one area that has really stuck out to me as being very seriously under-serviced is the DanceSport/Social Dance World. I have had a huge amount of people coming to me wondering if I supply anything from footwear to practice wear to couture wear for everybody from tiny tots to the not so tiny! So, I looked into it even more and I am glad to say that there are a lot of suppliers, generally UK based, that already have a lot of Irish customers who were only too willing to have an agent/supplier here. So that's how it all came about. I started down the DanceSport route in March 2015 and I really haven't looked back. It's been amazing, I have had so much support from parents, who up until now, had great difficulty sourcing shoes, practice wear or competition wear. I now carry a range of shoes from several different suppliers including International Dance Shoes, Topline/Katz, First Position, DSI London, as well as practice wear from First Position and Competition Wear from DC Dancewear. For the more senior competitors and Social Dancers, I am an agent for Chrisanne, who carry and design not only stunning couture gowns but also have a large range of practice wear for both ladies and men, as well as competition shirts/trousers and accessories for men in both ballroom/latin wear. To round it all off, I am now also an agent for Brackleys of London who tailor Mens Tail Suits. And this has led me to where I am now, organising Ireland's First Dedicated DanceSport Dancewear Event. It will be held in The Woodford Dolmen Hotel on November 7th, 2015, and will feature all of the above, with Couture Expert and Dress Designer, Becky Saunders and Paloma from Chrisanne, who will not only expertly take measurements, but will also give couture advice on everything from colour, materials and shape of couture gowns and also help to design your very own bespoke gown to dazzle on the dance floor! Chrisanne will also have over 20 dresses on display so you will also get a chance to see the high quality and beautiful detail associated with Chrisanne Couture Wear for yourself! Mr Tony Bailey from Brackleys of London will also be available to take appointments on the day for the men. He will, again, help in advice, take measurements and orders and will return to Ireland for any follow up appointments necessary. There will be a large selection of shoes from top shoe suppliers, in particular International Dance Shoes, Topline, Roch Valley and First Position, Childrens Practice and Competition Wear from DC Dancewear and First Position and lots lots more. It's really going to be a great opportunity to get everything form head to toe in one shop. I'm really excited about it and I can't wait to meet everyone! For more information please see my Facebook page or contact me through my Contact Page, and please feel free to pass on to anyone that you think may be interested. See you all on the 7th November!!!
August 26, 2015

Busy Time of The Year!

Wow, what a busy time it is. With all the new terms starting, everyone is looking for new uniforms, new shoes, new leotards, new tights, new bags. It's so exciting to see how far Studio Dancewear has come in such a short space of time. I have already had one POP UP SHOP and with 2 more to come it promises to be even more exciting! I never knew or even dreamt that I would go in the direction that I have. The DanceSport side of things has really taken off with labels like CHRISANNE and more recently been approved as an agent for Brackleys of London, as well as International Dance Shoes, it really has opened my eyes to the scale of DanceSport and social dance in Ireland. You can see a range of gowns to purchase by following the link  as well as practice wear, with dance shoes on the following link 

Leaving the DanceSport side for a moment and I am delighted to say that I am also just approved as Ireland's only stockist of the UK brand DINCWEAR which is a Contemporary/Street Dance Label. It is a really exciting label to be associated with, they are very much involved with the dance world in that they have the top UK dancers testing their range all the time. You can see their range by following the link, I hope to have a range of their products available to purchase from my own website very shortly.

Brands have continued to grow within Studio Dancewear, I now have Capezio, Roch Valley, Freed of London, Katz, The Zone (Gymnastics), Chrisanne, International Dance Shoes, First Position, DINCWEAR, Brackleys of London, Little Ballerina and more to come and the feedback has been fantastic, particularly because I was originally an ISTD Teacher and so I know how to fit dance wear, I know the brands and I know what teachers are looking for in a dance brand.

The range that I started out with, ballet, modern, gifts have all done extremely well and as a testament to that I now have a number of schools that I am official supplier to, namely

The Ballet Barn/Aedeen O Hagan, Castledermot Dance Academy/Helen Dunne,              The Academy of Russian Ballet

Karyn Yates Dance School for which I am really appreciative of their support for local business. I hope to have some more schools coming onboard over the coming months but in the meantime if there is anything that you need please don't hesitate to contact, I'm always here to help!  You can contact me either by email,, phone (087)2200131 or through my CONTACT form on my website

July 06, 2015

Pop Up Shop Coming Soon!!!

Hi Everyone,

Just thought I'd let you all know about the POP UP Shop Dates that are coming soon to Carlow. They are happening on August 15th, 29th and September 12th in Carlow Gateway Business Centre, Athy Road, Carlow. I'm actually really excited about it all as it's the first BIG day out for Studio Dancewear that will feature EVERYTHING on the Website. The official RAD, ISTD Ballet Uniforms, Ballroom, Latin, Modern, Jazz as well as accessories/gifts will be on sale. Uniforms for The Ballet Barn, Carlow, Castledermot Academy of Dance, Helen Dunne's Tullow Ballet School,  The Academy of Russian Ballet, Waterford among others will be available and with brands such as Capezio, Katz, Little Ballerina, Freed of London, International Dance Shoes, Chrisanne and many more you really can't go wrong! There will also be an ORDER AND COLLECT service, just ring in your order a week before the POP UP Shop and it will be ready to collect, (fitting may be necessary), how easy can you get?? There is also FREE parking so no driving around looking for a space near the entrance and then worrying about parking tickets or how long to put on the meter, its all FREE!!!! And to top it off, it's BUGGY ACCESSIBLE!!! NO steps to deal with, no small doors to deal with, everyone welcome! :-) 

Just a side note: Studio Dancewear will be closed from Saturday 5th July -Saturday 26th July Incl however, orders can still be made throughout the website, with a FREE gift for every order placed during these dates, or Custom Orders can be enquired about either through the contact page or the custom order page.

Really looking forward to the year ahead, thank you to everyone for all your support :-)

See you all in August!!!




May 08, 2015

The Irish Open 2015

Next weekend, May 16/17 2015, is a really BIG weekend for me. I'm taking a stand out at the Irish Open in the Woodford Dolmen Hotel, Carlow. It's a weekend of dance featuring Ballroom, Latin and Hip Hop and I'm really excited! I've had so much support from my suppliers and I'm delighted to be an official supplier of Chrisanne Couture and Practice Wear, as well as Roch Valley, Capezio, Katz and First Position among others. It's going to be busy, I'm just getting my stock organised, from ballroom gowns, practice wear for men and ladies, shoes for children, ladies and men and a few bits and pieces in between!! I'll let you all know how it all goes but for now why not have a quick look at what's available in my store, new products added just today, from shoes to key rings :-) An amazing offer available on Chrisanne Ballroom Gowns online NOW! 50% off RRP, but hurry this offer won't last forever!

And if you are around next weekend please head over and say hi, mention this blog and receive a free gift!

April 17, 2015

Pop Up Shop GB Shaw Theatre, Carlow

Just over a week ago, Thursday 9th April, I held a pop-up shop in the GB Shaw Theatre, Carlow in connection to The Ballet Barn's Performance of Peter Pan Fairies and Broomsticks. It was so much fun and so busy! I met so many new people who had nothing but good wishes for me and also saw a lot of faces that I had previously met. I actually sold out of hair nets, tights, bun nets and some sizes of ballet shoes, even though I had specifically bought in extra stock! I hope to hold more days like this in the not too distant future. It also brought back a lot of memories from my own teaching days, tiny tots so in awe of the stage and lights, a little bit apprehensive but so excited when they eventually heard the familiar music. Then there were the seniors who just took to the stage like a second home, I actually felt a pang of jealousy, but at least I am still involved to a degree...without the worry of costumes not fitting, getting ripped or worse still disappearing!!!

Thank you to Ms Aedeen O'Hagan and all involved for their continued support and good wishes, I couldn't have imagined a better start. 

Full uniform for The Ballet Barn, Carlow is available now by clicking on the following link

March 30, 2015

Grishko Pointe Shoe Fitting Course

Last weekend, 22nd March, 2015, I had the pleasure of attending a Grishko Pointe Shoe Fitting Course in Heathrow, London. It was something that I have wanted to do for a very long time, but I actually never thought I would do, not because I couldn't but because I just never thought I would need to do one. But now, with the success of Studio Dancewear, it's another element that I needed to do in order to offer an all encompassing service to the dancer's world. I can't even begin to tell you what it was like to walk into the room at the Crowne Plaza seeing all of the Pointe Shoes laid out, with accessories to match, not to mention the Tendu Dancewear also available through Grishko UK. Then we started.... A foot is not just a's a very complicated and technical piece of engineering and amazing to see the intricate details of what it means to the foot when doing pointe work. Not only did we get to see and learn about fitting but we also did the practical work of feeling feet to see the difference between a dancer/non dancers foot, a part time dancer and an occasional dancer and then finally we got to see what a proper shoe fitting entails and the end result of what a correct pointe shoe looks like on a foot, so beautiful and elegant like they are part of the foot and meant to be there. 

I will in time, hopefully not too long, begin to offer appointments to girls who are ready, both physically and mentally, for a Grishko Pointe Shoe Fitting. Appointments and fittings will only be offered through appointments as there are a lot of things to consider before fitting pointe shoes. If you are interested in talking to me regarding a fitting please fill in the "contact" form and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


January 23, 2015

Welcome to Studio Dancewear!

Welcome to Studio Dancewear! This project has been a dream of mine for a very long time and I'm so proud to finally be here. You're all more than welcome to have a browse around. As you will see, only the very best of brands are on offer - brands that have stood the test of time. I will also be introducing some brands along the way that you may not be very familiar with, but they will all be of the highest quality and best value.
I also have a "Custom Order" page for people who have a specific brand or item in mind which is not currently listed in the shop. I'm more than willing to do one-off orders - such orders from the past include tap shoes, particular brands of ballet shoes, hair accessories and costumes. I also welcome, in particular, enquiries about products such as Ballroom/Dansport Wear (Tights/Practice/Competition Wear and Shoes), for both Men/Ladies or indeed Juveniles. I have recently been approved as a stockist of Chrisanne Dancewear, but I can also provide Capezio Dansport Wear. Please fill in the Custom Order Page or Contact page with as much detail as possible and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
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