International Dance Shoes S4014

  • The 'S4014' in Tan Satin is one of our Dansport Basic styles available for Ladies Latin and Social.

  • Simple strap across the ankle
  • Buckles on the vamp which are adjustable to suit a narrower or wider fit
  • Quick release ‘Hook’ buckles
  • Gel padding for added comfort
  • Lightweight
  • Available on the 2” IDS & 2.5” IDS heels
  • This shoe is pictured on the 2.5" IDS heel.

  • Please note that our Dansport shoes now come with PLAIN buckles as opposed to the Diamante stones in the image. For the S4014, this refers to the buckle on the ankle strap. We're just waiting on some updated images to come back to us and will update these images as soon as possible. We apologise for any inconvenience!

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