Contra Mens Black Patent Ballroom Shoes

  • The ‘Contra’ is our most popular design for Ballroom and it is so because of its blend of flexibility, comfort and style. 

  • It's classic looking from the outside, but so very innovative inside. It's lightweight and features specially developed arch padding which helps with foot alignment and comfort.

  • There is also padding under the heel to cushion each step and gel padding runs all the way through the insole.

    • Ultra flexible and lightweight with a split-sole design
    • Specially developed soft, yet hard-wearing Patent materials
    • Arch support for greater comfort and to help with foot alignment
    • Cushioning underneath the heel to absorb shock
    • Gel padding from the tip of the toe to the back of the heel for cushioning and comfort
    • Foam lining for a comfortable and glove-like fitting
    • Made in England

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