• An excellent device for strengthening the intrinsic foot muscles in the arch.

  • Not only for dancers!! Mums with bunions can benefit too!

    Archxerciser Foot Exerciser - Standard- Made entirely in the USA


  • The Elgin Archxerciser provides resistance for key foot exercises used in clinical rehab of the arch and foot.

  • The Archxerciser affords patients relief from sore feet by strengthening the foot's intrinsic and extrinsic musculature.

  • Treats a variety of common foot ailments including plantar fasciitis and heel spur syndrome.

  • Archxerciser has a variety of applications.Useful for treating the foot & ankle after surgery, Both the Archxerciser and Pro Archxerciser is proven to improve an athletes and dancers jumping performance and acts as a preventative aid against sore feet for those who stand for extended periods.

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